William Argie Found Guilty of Murder

By Chris Paul

In the trail of William Argie vs. the state of N.H. a jury found the defendant guilty of First Degree Murder of his wife Maureen Argie and of Falsification of Physical Evidence.

The verdict was announced Monday, Dec. 6, and Judge Marquerite Wageling announced that Argie would be serving a life sentence for the First Degree Murder Conviction.

During the trial William Argie admitted to having a gambling addiction and insisted that he found his wife dead in their home in Londonderry back in April of 2019. He claimed that she had committed suicide by hanging herself.

Prosecutors for the state claimed that he had strangled his wife to death and blamed her for his financial problems stemming from his gambling addiction.

According to authories, after the murder, Argie left their home with Maureen’s automoble, her cell phone and debit card and was found at a hotel casino.

He also never called 911 after finding his wife had committed suicide.

During the trail a friend of the defendant testified that Argie asked him to kill Maureen.

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