Winter’s Not Quite Finished Yet

In the past few weeks, we’ve had almost everything a New Hampshire winter likes to throw at us.

We’ve had a heavy snowfall, black ice, frigid temperatures, lots of days with no snow, and some 50 degree and sunny days. And let’s not forget the high winds, which provided the usual falling trees and tumbling power lines.

But the snow flurries last week created a pretty scene nevertheless – especially as the gathering flakes covered up the browns left over from autumn’s leaf fall and empty garden beds. It was a brief reminder that nothing’s much more scenic than a New England winter.

We get a bit of everything here. and we learn, or should learn, to be prepared for that dose of everything when it comes. In the current break in heavy weather, it’s a good time to make sure our preparedness levels are where they should be – because we hear that snow is on the horizon once again.

That means stocking up on batteries, lamp oil, extra bottles of water and food that doesn’t require cooking, as well as a battery-operated radio and, when possible, a working generator. Power outages thankfully have not been frequent in recent months, but they have come to be a fact of life in New Hampshire, and a professionally wired in generator – ready for the next blackout that is sure to come – will go a long way toward making things comfortable when power lines are down.

Because as sure as New England weather is unpredictable and extremes are likely, as sure as we’re going to have to be prepared for sub-freezing nights followed by unseasonably warm days, we’re going to get the unexpected.

Regardless of what Punxsutawney Phil saw or did not see last week, it’s still winter. So use this season of changes to make sure your emergency supplies are up to date and ready to use. Keep them in a handy place, fill the generator and oil lamps, and be ready for whatever Old Man Winter hands out. It doesn’t take much effort to keep your supplies up to date. Making sure flashlights work and generators have gas when you know a storm is coming is just common sense.

And when winter is just a memory and we’re enjoying the summer sunshine, don’t pack away those emergency supplies. Because, as we all know, wind and electrical storms are part of a New England summer as well.

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