Work Continues on Web Based Recreation Guide

Bill Flynn, a representative from the Arnett Development Group, presented the Conservation Commission with an update on the Recreation Guide that is planned to give residents an idea about what public recreational lands are available throughout town.

“We have developed a very solid prototype for a webpage and an individual landing site and an opportunity to do some long-term planning relative to the sites,” Flynn said at the Tuesday, June 24 meeting.

Flynn said the guide has four objectives.

“One is to increase awareness of the Londonderry residents to all the conservation lands and their recreational capacities, second is to facilitate their enjoyment of it by helping them get out to the sites and navigate around the sites, third will be to identify some enhancements and improvements and other issues that need to be addressed on these various sites, and fourth, we will look at the overall connectivity,” Flynn said.

He said the Conservation Commission has a “tremendous” open space plan.

He expects to produce the web page, downloadable maps and strategies.

Flynn said someone wanting to go hiking or kayaking would be able to go to the town web site, click on the Conservation web site and access a map of Londonderry with all the trails and locations of recreational areas noted.

Residents could then click on a point on the map, causing a detailed map of that area to appear with a description, a photograph and a list of what is available, such as hiking or kayaking.

“There will even be a function that allows the person to print an 8 1/2 by 11-inch print out of the location of the area and map and directions,” Flynn said.

Flynn said that in order to avoid hikers having to backtrack to their starting point, trail loops are being formulated.

“What will hopefully come out of this is a greater awareness within the community about the opportunities (in town),” he said. “There’s great potential here with recreational environments, working farms like Sunnycrest, historical sites and cultural sites.”

Commissioner Mike Speltz said there were 18 or so sites that will be listed on the main map.

Flynn said Arnett expects to have the overall website developed, as well as the downloadable map, the three components that are for the public, and a report on how the whole system comes together. He expects to meet twice more with the commission regarding the guide.

Flynn said he needs more pictures of the various areas and he wanted more history of the conservation commission.

“So we’re responsible for making sure that the content is correct?” Commissioner Mike Considine asked. “Who is responsible for putting it on the town’s web site?”

Chairman Deb Lievens said that would be Comprehensive Planner John Vogl.

Speltz said the school district and the recreation department should have a look at it as well.

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