YMCA Looking To Complete Camp Projects This Summer

The YMCA is looking to further expand with some new camp projects this summer. They are seeking the public’s help to accomplish these goals to make The Y bigger and better than ever. Volunteers can donate both their time and money to get these projects underway as quickly as possible. The first project is the repair and upgrade of the playground so children can enjoy a fun and safe outdoor experience with better playground equipment.

Another project The Y is hoping to complete is to pour/erect four concrete projects. Two pads will be for the two existing pavilions. In addition to the two concrete pads, they are also seeking to add 36” walls to the pavilions so that they can continue to be used during inclement weather days for programming space needs. The third concrete pad is for a future pavilion. In the meantime, it will be used to house one of their “event tents” for this summer season. In order to pour this pad, the YMCA needs to have footings installed along with excavation work done that includes taking down and removing stumps of trees (approximately six trees). These projects will also require crushed gravel under the concrete.

The total cost of these summer projects comes in at $22,599. Thanks to the generosity of the people at Continental Paving, $10,000 was donated to the summer projects, which brings the grand total down to $12,599. The Y is also seeking in-kind donations from someone who is willing to remove the trees and tree stumps and or is able to donate gravel for under the concrete pads. If anyone is willing to donate for these summer projects at the Y, they can donate directly at the YMCA of Greater Londonderry or go online to their official website: www.graniteymca.org/locations/greater-londonderry. With The Y continuing to grow, all donations will be a help to furthering improving the experience for kids and young adults to make sure they are getting the best of what’s available to them.

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