Young Road Development Plan Gets Some Positive Feedback

By Alex Malm

After being denied earlier in the year by the Zoning Board of Adjustments (ZBA), Aaron Orso, a developer looking to build homes at 20 and 22 Young road was in front of the Planning Board during their Wednesday, July 13 meeting, this time, for a conceptual and non-binding discussion on a proposed site plan for 21 single family homes.
Orso was looking to build about 50 homes on the property originally, but was met with resistance by abutters at the ZBA.
Orso appeared at planning with a different plan, saying that they are sticking with the same style homes.
“I’ve never wavered from that,” said Orso
Some of the things that they are looking to do as part of the development is to have a private road, and have 17.6 acres of open space which was pointed out is more than is required.
While there will be a type of homeownership association it was also pointed out that the owners would own each individual lot meaning that they can put things up like sheds if they are within the zoning regulations.
Orso said they wanted to have single family homes with services provided, which is what a lot of people are looking for instead of having an acre of land that they have to take care of.
“They are more interested in having a quality home in a nice neighborhood,” said Orso.
Orso stated they have various schemes that go with the model of the homes.
“We never do anything that is cookie cutter,” said Orso.
It was explained by Orso the homes would be 2,400 to 2,500 square feet with a larger master bedroom and an open concept downstairs.
Orso said that they built similar type homes in a couple of developments in Salem and that people have been going for them instead of bigger homes that they are building.
Orso explained they would be putting the homes on the market for whatever the going rate is.
“Whatever a three bedroom goes for we will be marketing it at,” said Orso.
Town Council Liaison, Deb Paul, said she thinks they did a good job with making changes to the proposal.
“You did a great job working with neighbors and everyone in the community,” said Paul.
Paul stated she thought it would be a good thing if they used brick or stone to differentiate the colors and said that she thought 1,800 to 1,900 square feet would be more affordable for couples that aren’t planning on having kids and want to live in a nice development.
Paul also asked if they are considering having solar powered houses in the development.
Orso explained they will allow people to have options for what they want for their homes including things like having solar panels.
It was pointed out by Orso that they would be on Town water.
Planning Board member, Roger Fillio, asked whether or not they would be going with propane or natural gas.
Orso said they would be going with whatever is easier.
Fillio said he wasn’t opposed to them going with propane.
Orso added, “I am not opposed to propane,”
Planning Board member, Jake Butler, said he thought the size of the proposed lots were good.
One of the things pointed out by Orso was that he wants to get the abutters involved with the proposed development early, so they are on board with the project earlier.
Orso stated he thinks right now the homes will be priced in the $750,000 price range. He said the cost of building in Londonderry and in NH in general is very high.
“It’s becoming unaffordable to live here,” said Orso.

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