Zoning Board Approves an Extension for Outside Storage

By Alex Malm

A request for a special exception for a portable storage structure located at 74 Hall Road was in discussion at the Oct. 19 Zoning Board of Adjustment meeting.
It was explained by the owner, Doug LaFlamme, they don’t have a garage or storage area that is animal safe. He added that they want to be able to have a safe place to store their belongings. Right now chipmunks and other animals are able to get into the structure he has now.
He explained that the proposed portable structure would be 20x10x10, but he hasn’t ordered it yet.
“That’s the standard size,” said LaFlamme.
LaFlamme stated he would put the structure in the back of the property and that it wouldn’t be something people could see. He was also thinking about painting it so it blends in better.
“I don’t want to make it an eyesore for anybody,” said LaFlamme.
One question asked was how long he wanted to have the structure up on the property. He said he wanted to have it until he is able to build a garage.
“Pretty much looking for long term,” said LaFlamme.
LaFlamme noted he spoke with one of his neighbors that he didn’t know and he didn’t have a problem with the portable structure. His other neighbor who he knows didn’t bring up any objections to it.
Deb Paul, who is the ZBA liaison for the Town Council, said she was against it for a few reasons.
“Number one you’re setting a precedent,” said Paul.
She explained portable structures aren’t taxable so instead of building a garage or barn, people are able to put them up and not pay taxes on it.
Paul also stated they should have a time limit for it, instead of allowing it to be on a property for an indefinite amount of time.
LaFlamme said that he understands the concerns, but said it wasn’t a way to avoid taxes and just wants to be able to protect their things.
It was asked by the Board what kind of things they would be storing in the portable structure.
LaFlamme said it includes things like decorations, old pictures, and other things they don’t use often.
It was asked by the Board if they would be okay to have a maximum time frame for it to be on the property.
LaFlamme said he would be okay with it.
After some discussion the ZBA ultimately approved the request with a maximum of two years allowed to be on the property.

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