Detached Condo Subdivision Planned For Mammoth Road

Jack Szemplinski of Benchmark Engineering presented a site plan for a subdivision at 381 Mammoth Road to the Conservation Commission.

“This is a 20-acre parcel which is directly north of Mountain Home Estates,” he said. “It presently contains two dwellings. What we are proposing to do is first of all subdivide the parcel where there is the existing house, and the rest of the property will be single-family detached condominiums. They are condominiums but they are individual homes.”

Szemplinski said they had received a variance from the Zoning Board of Adjustment to construct 27 condos in total on two cul-de-sacs, predicated on having water and sewer to the buildings. He said water and sewer will be provided.

“The property slopes from Mammoth Road toward the west and is bisected by a gas line, and there is about an acre of wetland out front,” he told the commission at its Tuesday, June 24 meeting. “As part of this development, Public Works requires that the roads line up so we will be directly across from Trail Haven Drive. Unfortunately as part of this plan, we will have approximately 9,800 square feet of wetland impact. We are trying to minimize this as best as we can, and are going to be asking the Planning Board for a variance for a 45-foot driveway instead of a 50-foot driveway and keeping the amount of fill to the minimum.”

He said one of the houses will be taken down as it is old and not worth saving.

Szemplinski noted three detention ponds are planned for water to be held before being released to the wetlands.

Chairman Deb Lievens asked the size of the condos and Szemplinski said they had about 45 by 50 feet footprints.

“The actual houses are three bedrooms,” he explained. “Some are single story, some are one and a half (stories) and some are two. The homes will have two stall garages.”

Commissioner Mike Speltz asked what variances had been granted, and Szemplinski said that initially it was to have 27 units on the property, with the roads private.

Speltz said the only comment would be that the wetlands and conservation land be marked. “We should incorporate that in the plans,” Speltz said.

“I’m going to put it on the design review comments,” Lievens said.

The Commission voted unanimously to recommend approval to the wetlands bureau.

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