Seniors Settle in Temporary Quarters at the Lions Hall

The Senior Center on Mammoth Road is undergoing much needed repairs, which includes a new roof over the large hall the seniors use for Bingo, luncheons and other activities. And according to Senior Affairs Director Catherine Blash, the Lions Hall where they are meeting until Jan. 2 is a blessing.

“After they replace the roof over the hall, the contractors will be putting up Sheetrock and painting the ceiling. Then they’ll be painting the rest of the hall. We should be back by Jan. 2,” Blash said.
She said the rafters that were exposed when the roof was removed were charred and black.
“They had had a fire in there a while ago and you could see all the charring of the rafters,” she said, noting they are being replaced. “I’ve been told that after a snowfall or during a storm with a lot of snow, they used to have to go over and shovel off the roof because of the condition of the rafters. That won’t be a problem now.”
Blash said the seniors are happy with the use of the Lions Hall and only a few changes had to be made.
“I made arrangements with the Methodist church next door for the Tai Chi class because this hall is too noisy,” she said. “They need quiet and peaceful surroundings for the class and with the acoustics in here, it really is a bit too noisy. When we were over at the center, the lights would be subdued and if I came out of my office, I would tiptoe. At the church next door, they have a room perfect for the class’s needs.
“Another change was that we don’t meet here on Tuesdays so the meals are Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays instead of Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays,” Blash said.
Blash said Monday that in general, the Lions Hall is working out, although a few seniors find it to be an extra distance they are unwilling to go, “especially on a snowy day like today.”
According to the Town’s Administrative Support Coordinator, Steve Cotton, the Senior Center is on track to be open by the Jan. 2 deadline.
“The roof over the wood floor portion of the hall has been replaced and new trusses put in,” Cotton said Tuesday, Dec. 10. “The trusses are all up, the roof is plywood, and there are shingles up, and there’s just a little touch-up shingling that needs to be done, but at least it’s water tight.
“There was an issue once we got in where we found wiring that has to be replaced because it isn’t up to code,” Cotton added. “That will add about $2,900 to the project. Today and tomorrow will be wiring and the goal is for Thursday to start hanging Sheetrock on the ceiling, but we will be on time for the seniors to be back at the center by Jan. 2.”
The original total for the project was $63,400.

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