Storm Water Drainage System Requirement Waived For Subdivision

The request by Michael McKeown to allow water to freely flow from his property at 9 Summer Drive to a natural wetland on his neighbor’s property was allowed by the Planning Board.
Assistant Director of Public Works and Engineering John Trottier told the Planning Board at its Wednesday, Dec. 4 meeting that the single-family home subdivision plan was approved in 2012. He said that in the town’s subdivision regulations, water run-off was not allowed, “whether it’s a single family lot, Home Depot, you name it.”

He read from the regulations that when a proposed drainage system will result in water encroaching on land outside the subdivision, appropriate drainage rights might be secured and indicated on the plan.
“Back in 2012, a detention pond would have been required as part of the 2012 plan,” Trottier said. “Mike has since secured an agreement with the abutter to accept an additional seven cubic feet per second onto their property.”
Trottier said the purpose of the amendment requested was to avoid having to build a detention pond.
“When we had subdivided the property, we had intentions of putting in a detention pond and have since discussed with the abutter behind us, lot 75-1, to allow us to drain onto that property without an additional pond, which the abutter has graciously allowed us to do,” McKeown said.
Chairman Art Rugg asked if the abutter was in complete agreement and McKeown said she was. Rugg asked if the water would be contained within her property and McKeown said it would be.
McKeown said the abutter’s property was roughly 25 acres and was behind his property and held a natural wetland. He said there are no plans to develop it.
Board member Lynn Wiles asked if a legal document had been drafted for the permission and McKeown said it would be.
No abutters were present at the meeting, and the board voted unanimously to conditionally approve the amendment.

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