Town Controller Post Moves to Full-Time Status

The town Controller, Doug Smith, who had been working 32 hours per week, saw his hours increased to 40 hours per week effective Monday, Nov. 4.
Town manager Kevin Smith said the move to full time was the result of the volume of the workload. Finance Director Susan Hickey added that the change was a result of the forensic auditor’s stating that the town should have a full-time Controller. The town was ordered by the court to undergo a forensic audit on its imposition of impact fees. The audit was completed earlier this year.

Hickey said the Town Manager decided to take the auditor’s recommendation and extended Doug Smith’s hours to full time.
‘He doesn’t get health insurance, he already had that, but his salary is now $93,600 per year,” Hickey said.
Hickey said there were “compromises” made to make it possible to increase his pay from part time to full time. Asked what she meant, Hickey said she herself took a $3,000 per year cut in pay.
Hickey said she volunteered to take the cut so as to do what is in the best interest of the town.
“If we had not taken the action of having a full-time Controller and there was a problem, that would look bad for the town,” Hickey said.
Smith has been the town’s Controller since 2011.

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