Musquash Target Shooting Discussion is Delayed

A discussion scheduled Monday night on target shooting in the Musquash has been postponed.

Town Council Chairman Tom Dolan at Monday’s meeting said that it would be brought up in early September.

“From time to time we have discussed the issue of target shooting in the Musquash conservation area,” he said. “The issue has again resurfaced this year. I want to assure the public that the Town Council is looking into this matter as to what policy if any we should enact to deal with this issue. We have taken some preliminary steps to investigate what our legal authorities are, and what our sister towns/communities have done to deal with this issue.

“Normally, we bring a new ordinance to the public with a first reading, which serves as notice for a public hearing to be held, usually with the next regular meeting,” he added. “However, we will treat this topic slightly differently. Once the summer vacation season winds down, we will first begin with a public workshop on this topic in a larger venue to give the public an extended period to provide input and advice to the Town Council as we consider what policy if any should be enacted. While we know this is a passionate topic for many, I ask your engagement with the Council and with each other to be thoughtful, fair-minded, and civil.”

Discussion has taken place at several meetings of the Conservation Commission about target shooting in the Musquash, particularly about shooting across the trails.

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